CU on the TV – Copper industrial style

CU on the TV – Copper industrial style

2016 interior design has seen a massive resurgence of the industrial look and with it the copper and brass effect has enjoyed a new lease of life.
As people are influenced more and more by TV programs such as Kirsty and Phil’s “Love it or List it”, “Grand Designs” and George Clarke’s “Amazing Spaces”, they are open to trying new styles to stamp their own personality on their homes.

One such style, seen regularly on these shows, is the Victorian or Industrial look, which proudly displays the building materials that popular convention tries to conceal, giving your home a raw, unfinished look to it. Exposed copper pipes and ducts is another key feature of industrial design and is an easy way to achieve this look, as well as the presence of metal on walls and doors.

Many restaurants and shops are implementing this style to their interior fit outs, exposing copper pipe work and ducting. I’ve noticed just recently two popular gourmet burger chains in Birmingham have updated their interiors to a more industrial style, using flashes of copper and brass hardware to set off the greys and blacks.

For doors and windows the warehouse look can be seen with the increased popularity of the Crittall style and it seems every corner I turn in my home town there is a new build adorned with anthracite grey windows.

The industrial look has become very popular with kitchens and bathroom designers. Copper basins and copper style taps and accessories are more available on the high street but for some reason our doors have been neglected.

Now it is possible to set off your industrial style doors with Access Hardware’s copper door handles. With matching key hole escutcheon and bathroom thumb turn you, can have your house looking bang on trend in no time! In stock and ready to ship with next working day delivery you can buy these copper handles today #welovecopper

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