What we do. Who we do it for. Who we are …..

What we do. Who we do it for. Who we are …..

As the author, please let me introduce myself; my name is Bubba (as in Forrest Gump fame), and I’m the youngest (and hairiest) member of the team. It should also be noted that I’m an eight year old border collie whose principle role is to meet and greet visitors to our offices and keep the team on their toes!

Let me explain a little more about what goes on around here …..

Architectural Ironmongery
With over 30 years’ experience importing and distributing Lockwood products to Builders Merchants and specialist Architectural Ironmongers in the UK, the company has built a reputation for expertise, versatility, and design. When it comes to architectural ironmongery there is little these guys can’t help you with, so you can relax and feel confident that you’ve come to the right place.
With our own outstanding design service architects and interior designers know they can confidently offer a bespoke service to their clients; everything from own branding on hinges, through to high-quality handles finished to your specifications ……the design possibilities are endless!

When they’re not being brilliant with service and design they’re also pretty good at doggie tug-o-war games, although I do tend to win most of the time …..

Toilet Cubicles
I must be honest, as a furry four-legged friend this isn’t something I’ve a great deal of experience of, however, I understand where humans gather there is a demand for somewhere to ‘pay a visit’.

Offering advice and expert support whatever your question, there is always someone in the office with vast experience who will have the answer.
The design service with all aspects of cubicle hardware presents infinite opportunities for branding, logos and individual touches – just imagine the possibilities for your business to optimise marketing through branded indicators or to deliver the unexpected with your own bespoke range.

So, whether you’re looking to install hundreds in a vast stadium, or simply needing a couple for a small nursery, the call of nature, and demand for stainless steel toilet cubicles can be happily satisfied…..that’s a relief !

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